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Taylor Wessing may be a large International law firm, but it maintains a dynamic, innovative approach. It’s 900 lawyers work across 22 offices in 13 countries, giving it a broad geographic reach spanning Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The company's London, UK office has 600 people of which 350 are lawyers, and 100 of those are Partners in the law firm.

How we helped

Taylor Wessing's existing telephone service was excellent during office hours, but the London office found itself receiving an increasing number of calls at night and over the weekends and bank holidays, due to its broad geographic coverage. It relied on the security guards staffing its front desk to answer the phone at night and over the weekend.

Taylor Wessing asked ComXo to provide its Virtual Switchboard out of hours switchboard service, staffed by an experienced team that would answer the phone professionally between 8pm and 8am.

Taylor Wessing chose ComXo based on its reputation. In the legal world, firms take notice of their peer group, and the head of facilities was impressed the ComXo was successfully serving several other law firms of a similar size.

The results

ComXo have delivered excellent service efficiency and client experience, answering 99.9% of out of hours calls within 4 seconds. When legal clients call out of hours, it's a priority call, so a fast response is vital.

Apart from providing a constant professional face for the company, ComXo also provides several other benefits. A virtual switchboard enhances business continuity, because in the event of a planned, or unplanned evacuation, cyber attack or incident, Taylor Wessing can divert all calls to ComXo.

Service Level



Continuity &

"The Security guards were not able to answer the phone to the same standard as our switchboard staff. We needed a service that gave us that."

Head of Facilities

Taylor Wessing

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