National Telephonists' Day 2023

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National Telephonists' Day 2023

National Telephonists' Day is a celebration of people who keep the business world running behind the scenes.

Whilst we all are familiar with the frustrations of some call centres, the function they perform has become indispensable to our everyday lives. At ComXo we provide a range of services that support and enable some of the largest businesses on the planet. These huge enterprises are re-imagining their world of work driven by the cultural change experienced since the pandemic, and the underlying push to drive down corporate carbon footprints of commuting, office space and business travel.

Much of this transformation is being driven using technology, process and people to centralise, optimise and virtualise workplace services, making them self-serve, on-demand and curated. A huge part of this work is facilitated by telephonists working around the clock. Every telephone call into a business may now need:

  • Transferring to a home office
  • Coordinated desk booking and management
  • Employee wellbeing support
  • Complex escalation during incidents
  • IT or facilities help whilst on the move.

In today's world the corporate telephonist is not sitting plugged into an old-style switch-in head office, but instead integrated into Microsoft Teams, Zoom or corporate telephony and can be located anywhere in the world. They sit over existing corporate systems such as Condeco or Service Now to qualify and prioritise help desk incidents and service requests, and manage them in a way that drives outcomes in an efficient and instant manner. The world of work has become something that needs to be instantly available wherever and whenever - we require it like a utility. The experts that enable this to happen are the telephonists.

ComXo is a boutique operator in the world of workplace services and whilst we build and use the latest in technology and AI, we realise that the human interface of the telephonist is what adds real value to the daily workflows of our customers. We are more than just switchboard.

We celebrate the telephonists because they are what make our business successful and interesting. The ComXo values of the 4 P's Politeness, Professionalism, Proficiency and Personality and all human qualities that sit at the core of our culture and make us the amazing and enjoyable business we are.

On National Telephonists Day, we took the time out to treat the team to massages, a special barista drinks experience, sweet station and importantly, to share messages of thanks from clients that really show the value and impact of their work.

We thank our telephonists, celebrate them, and salute them. Happy National Telephonists Day!

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