Can you focus on revenue whilst still delivering great client experience?

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Can you focus on revenue whilst still delivering great client experience?

Client Experience (CX) is considered one of the key brand differentiators in the legal sector, along with price and product. We know that getting hold of the right person to help is the biggest improvement organisations need to make (UK satisfaction index 2018). However, achieving this within large and complex organisations is a huge challenge.

Today we receive communication through so many channels - desk phone, mobile, Skype for business, voice mail, email, WhatsApp... Determining which is a potential new business opportunity or 'value' call, and which is another salesman selling a coffee machine, is becoming increasingly difficult. With organisations receiving so many calls that are deemed 'productivity-sapping' or a distraction, voicemail is being used more and more to screen and gate-keep all incoming calls.

Our research from tagging over 1 million calls into professional service firms, suggests that that up to 26% of all calls through switchboard are client-related, 'value calls'. If you miss even one of these calls by screening or letting it go to voicemail, you may be missing new business that was coming your way.

With over 30 years' experience working with professional service firms, and a diverse, sophisticated Switchboard solution, we understand that delivering exceptional client experience is more than just a friendly welcome or answering your calls around the clock. It's about satisfying the caller during the 1st encounter.

Through the combination of highly trained switchboard operators, enabled with an extraordinary technology, we ensure that every call is qualified, and correctly navigated into your organisation. That way, you know you won't be distracted by the non-value calls, but will be able to address each and every value call that could mean the difference between landing multi-million pound deals, and losing to a competitor.

We enable our clients to capture all revenue opportunities whilst delivering exceptional client experience. Interested to know more? Contact our team today.

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