Why ComXo?

Experts in client experience

Research suggests that on average 55% of your incoming calls are client facing. The way they are handled can open or close the door to new business. Call centres frustrate callers – they want a more personal touch.

We have refined the delivery of exceptional call experience over the past 30 years. Behavioural understanding has informed the four principles on which we base every call…


We train our Virtual Personal Assistants to be graciousness and courteous. We think before we speak and address every caller with respect. We pause before we act to consider how we represent each of our customers’ brand.


We strive to be our best, taking personal responsibility for delivering excellence. We are organised in our approach and accountable to our clients, colleagues and ourselves.


We continually learn and develop. We use the tools of our trade to deliver the best possible outcome for our customers. An efficient approach and excellent communication skills equip us to exceed clients’ expectations.


The human touch is evident in every encounter. Individuality and charm make the difference between average and exceptional. We celebrate our individuality and diversity and make work fun.

Platinum Award of Excellence

Since 2009 we have been awarded the Platinum Award of Excellence for our switchboard services by Genesis Communications. A Platinum Award is the highest rating and is only achieved if standards are consistently high throughout the year. Genesis is an independent call monitoring and mystery shopping company.

Switchboard of the year

Switchboard of the year
Switchboard of the year
Switchboard of the year

Exceptional people

There’s a lot more to delivering excellent client experience than being good on the phone. We deliver 100% value outcomes for every encounter, when the person you reach says “leave it with me”, you feel utter confidence that your request will be followed up on.

People are the lifeblood of our business. We invest considerable time and effort in recruiting the right people and developing our staff to be the very best.

Personal attributes

We choose our people for their energy, attitude and aptitude in using experience, intelligence and knowledge to deliver positive outcomes.


Our people train at our in-house Academy, developing increasing expertise in call-handling and technology.

Brand Knowledge

Our people develop a profound understanding of your brand, its values and the way your organisation operates. For the caller, it seems as if the call is being answered by your own personnel.

You are a very professional company, with the same goals as us – we are partners together.

Farrer & Co

World-class technology

There’s no substitute for bespoke technology. We built a system that suits the specific way professional services firms operate and we integrate seamlessly into existing unified communications platforms.

Client Experience

Our Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs) can recognise callers (including VIPs) and anticipate their needs. We aim to deliver 100% value for the caller so expectations of your firm are exceeded.

Management information

We don’t just provide you data, we provide you business insight. Our Customer Success department works with your Customer Champion and analyses who is calling, why, and when. Providing complete transparency that enables you to make informed business decisions.

Tracking and billing

Our platform has the ability to integrate into case management or CRM systems, whether this is to track billing and usage on conference calls, or navigate your client calls.

With ComXo, you know they’re working with large law firms and providing this service to them – they know what they’re doing


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