The “Hybrid working” model

The new phrase I am hearing from COO’s in Law Firms is ‘Hybrid Working’.  Firms are now forecasting and modeling how offices will be used post crisis.  Recent research of office workers across 10 countries had 72% say that they wanted to remain home working for 2 days a week post Covid and those spending […]

The office still matters…it offers workers identity and belonging.

Over the last 2 months I have been speaking to COO’s, Managing partners, CFO’s, Senior Partners and CEO’s of some of the largest law firms in the UK and the world.  I have hosted a round table with JLL’s CEO AsiaPac Anthony Couse and CBRE’s UK Head of Workplace, Kate Smith.  I have explored their […]

Why your firm needs a Business Concierge Service right now.

If you haven’t already thought about outsourcing some, or all of your day-to-day operations within your firm then the current world climate may be the biggest reason to change that right now. Allowing a trusted expert to consolidate and merge your firm’s client experience as well as handle your internal employee’s tasks can increase brand […]

Agile working into Practice

Agile working into practice As agile working is based on being responsive to the needs of each organisation, it’s by no means a one-size-fits-all approach. Before diving into implementing agile working, here are some best practice tips to consider. 1. Review your firm’s culture What are the dynamics within your current workforce? How successfully does […]

Delivering exceptional client experience releases revenue

Everyone is talking about Client Experience (CX) these days so it’s hardly surprising it will be the key brand differentiator by 2021, overtaking price and product.  We know that getting hold of the right person to help is the biggest improvement organisations need to make (UK satisfaction index 2018). However, achieving this within large and complex […]

Top Tips to protect your business

Following our experience and learnings gained in supporting a major Global law firm who were severely impacted by a cyber attack, here are 10 top tips how you can prevent an attack paralysing your business. Protect your brand at all costs. Perception is reality It is unacceptable for a customer focused firm to be unavailable […]

The Impact of Cyber Attacks

The “Wannacry” and “Petya” cyber attacks of June 2017 had a real and damaging effects on businesses, small and large. Companies didn’t just lose access to their data but lost all internal and external communication. The impact of such a communication “blackout” can be catastrophic. Customers can’t get through Maersk, the world’s largest shipping business […]

Drivers behind agile working in the legal sector

Flexible working practices can enable law firms to work more responsively. By utilising contractors, seconding staff or offering job share and part-time opportunities, they can ‘ramp up’ or ‘ramp down’ according to their clients’ needs. Encouraging staff to collaborate and work in new ways will also help them to become more creative and adaptable to the needs of the business.

Business Concierge Service

These days we are spending more time on smart mobile devices than ever before. Statistics show that the actual time spent on these devices has increased by 575% in the last 3 years, and 80% of that time is spent solely on apps. With these figures, you can see how effective having an app can […]

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