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The ComXo Gateway app enables a virtual and remote workforce access to self-serve information, workflows and services, but also a 24/7 personalised executive assistance. The  proliferation of technologies within enterprise ecosystems has created added complexity to getting things done.  Productivity has fallen in most developed countries and slow technology adoption is one of culprits.  The ComXo Gateway app allows non-tech savvy workers to self-serve but also provides fast access to an outsourced ‘Human Cloud’ that know who you are, where you are so that you and can simply access the information or services you need and a “do it for you” option.

Branding & Feature Selection

The Gateway is fully customisable as your own corporate app with your own logo on both iOS and Android home screens making it easy for your workforce to remember which app to press.  In the app all features are fully customisable with access to specific FAQ, Workflows, processes and business services.  Buttons are clear and large making them simple to understand and every service is backed up by your own Virtual Personal Assistant who can takeover if you cannot self-serve.


Space Management

An example of a reservation service, space management enables you to book a desk or a meeting room in your workplace.  Available as both a self-serve and managed service the most complex booking can be easily booked and changed up to the last minute giving you flexibility and peace of mind for your essential meetings.

Knowledge Base

Access to your corporate knowledge saves time and makes life easy.  With policies and processes changing all the time here is a direct link into an easily searchable resource that will give you the information you need or point you to someone who can help.  Any question can be searched, if you can’t find it just press your Virtual Personal Assistant button and help is on hand instantly.


Staff Directory

With GDPR now restricting the use of personal data your corporate staff directory comes to the rescue.  Quick and easy searched access to every single staff member, their department, title and support teams means you can quickly find and call the person you need without downloading any numbers on to your device.  Managed and curated in real time means that it is always up to date and inbuilt global protected calling gives you additional peace of mind for those important conversations.

Virtual Human Support

Self-service is fine when it works but your Gateway app gives you the ultimate workplace tool.  Press your Virtual Personal Assistant button and you will instantly be through to someone who knows your name, what you do and can help you navigate your organisation, reserve a service, escalate a request or just get something done.  Always available from anywhere in the world your assistant is there to make your life easy and more productive.


Audio Conferencing

Built to give the easiest experience of booking a group call this resource can be set up in a couple of clicks and accessed directly without complicated PIN numbers.  Built for security, clarity and simplicity and great for important conversations when video is not appropriate or practical, the audio conferencing service is fully managed, giving you instant in-call support to add participants, record or manage complexity.


Ground Transport

Integrated with the world’s leading provider of corporate ground transport this service enables you to book a taxi or executive car in over 180 countries at the touch of a button.  Centralised expense management means never having to use cash, worry about the rate you are getting or filling out expense forms.  Once booked you can change your request or follow up your rides progress by simply pressing the button for your Virtual Personal Assistant.


IT & Facilities Helpdesk

Built on the back of sophisticated workflow algorithms access to IT and Facilities Helpdesk becomes as easy as pressing a button.  Log your issue with a description and a photo and your request will be triaged into your corporate helpdesk systems.  If it’s urgent simply press your Virtual Personal Assistant button and instantly you will be through to someone who can fast track you through to IT Helpdesk.

Increasing Productivity

An intriguing interview by Business Reporter with Andrew Try, Managing Director of ComXo that explores how ComXo’s Gateway App can increase productivity in a business. Andrew talks through how the ultimate business concierge service provides a gateway to your business.

Remobilisation back into the office

With businesses returning more and more of their employees back to the office, this video walks through a typical “Day in the life” of an employee and the questions and queries they may be faced with when returning to work. It explains how the features and functions of the Gateway app can help remobilise a firm to handle such issues.

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